Star Trek fans throughout the world are celebrating William Shatner's 90th birthday with a flurry of tribute posts on social media. Tremendously famous for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise among dozens of other roles, Shatner has been entertaining audiences for seven decades. Paying respect to the beloved actor, fans worldwide have been sending praise and well wishes on social media in honor of Shatner turning 90 years old.

"What does God need with a birthday?" writes William Shatner fan and Pandora showrunner Mark A. Altman. "I cannot imagine a cause for more joyous celebration than the 90th birthday of thespian/writer/director/crooner/comedian/ author/legend. @WilliamShatner. Happy Birthday, Bill. Truly nothing better than the always trying...looking to the future!"

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"William Shatner is 90 Years old today," writes another Star Trek fan. "That'll be 90 successful trips at warp speed where no man has boldly gone before. Happy birthday, Capt James T. Kirk, you were my first heart-throb."

Another tweet reads: "Without Captain Kirk (William Shatner), STAR TREK would never have reached this worldwide popularity. Today William celebrates his birthday and I hope that he will enjoy the next ten years on our planet."

The Star Trek fan site Trek Report tweeted: "Happy 90th Birthday to William Shatner! He's definitely lived long and prospered!"

Singer Ian McNabb also tweeted: "Happy 90th Birthday to a man who has been a hero to me all my life - both in his role as a performer and a human being. The great William Shatner. All the best Bill!"

"Very happy birthday to the great @WilliamShatner who is 90 today and still going strong. I can only hope when I'm 90, I fare as well as he. Wishing you well, Bill," writes another fan.

For the Boston Legal fans, actor David Dean Bottrell says: "I'm a little late but wanted to wish @WilliamShatner a very happy 90th birthday! I loved working with him on #BostonLegal. He was hilarious on-camera and off. I'll never forget the experience. Hope you had an excellent celebration, Bill!"

In more recent years, Shatner has served as a pitchman for Priceline, playing a fictionalized version of himself called The Negotiator. Ahead of his birthday, Shatner announced that Priceline will be holding a new blowout sale for the Star Trek star turning 90. Never passing up the chance to pitch Priceline, Shatner writes: "A birthday this big deserves more than just a [birthday cake]. To celebrate a lifetime of deal chopping & negotiating, @priceline offering savings & deals all week long with The Negotiator's 90th Birthday Blowout!"

Another post from Shatner the day before his birthday reads: "Everyone needs to have a piece of cake on their birthday. That's my philosophy. And any excuse to have two days of cake is ok in my book!"

Along with his Star Trek role, Shatner is also well known for T.J. Hooker, Rescue 911, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Boston Legal. More recently, he appeared in both seasons of the reality series Better Late Than Never, traveling overseas with other older celebrities to experience new cultures. Shatner would also make a special appearance as himself in the final season of The Big Bang Theory.

It's clear from the social media celebrations just how much Shatner is loved. However he's choosing to celebrate his big day, let us join in on wishing William Shatner a very happy 90th birthday!