William Shatner has had a rich Hollywood career, with his role as Captain James T. Kirk cementing a place in pop culture for decades. During the recent virtual GalaxyCon, Shatner spoke from his home in Los Angeles with moderator Patty Hawkins, and revealed which actor he would like to see play him in a biopic, which turns out to be another Kirk thespian.

"I don't know. [Chris] Pine? Why doesn't he play me? A good looking, talented guy."
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Chris Pine, of course, is already well-versed in the art of filling Shatner's shoes. The 2009 Star Trek film had the actor playing a younger version of Shatner's character of Kirk. Fans of the long-running sci-fi franchise praised Pine for faithfully embodying the character immortalized by Shatner. At the time when the movie was being made, Pine had spoken about the formidable task of trying to live up to Shatner's legacy as Kirk, and how watching the actor's work had helped him fully realize the role.

"It was daunting. Mr. Shatner had a way he moved around the deck of the Enterprise, which was almost balletic; specific poses he struck in the Captain's chair which are so identifiably Kirk. He was bold and confident and funny and I was really impressed by the complexity that he brought to the character."

For Shatner, watching Pine take over a role that has long defined his career produced mixed feelings.

"It was like seeing your mortality. Here comes a young, handsome and talented guy playing what I was playing years ago. It makes you realize time is passing-if I needed reminding, which I don't."

So it is well within the realm of possibility to have Pine play Shatner in a biopic as well if such a movie is ever made. For now, however, Pine is gearing up for the release of Wonder Woman 1984, which will see the actor returning to the role of Steve Trevor, who was killed off in the last Wonder Woman, but who has now inexplicably returned.

As far as Pine and Shatner are concerned, their worlds are unlikely to overlap anytime soon in a professional setting, in terms of their involvement with the Star Trek franchise. Shatner has stated in the past that the role of Kirk has become 'played out' for him, and he has no interest in reprising the part.

In fact, the actor has made little effort to conceal his disinterest in the Star Trek series, admitting that he has not watched any of the new shows the pop culture juggernaut has spawned, including Picard, which stars his friend and fellow starship captain, Patrick Stewart.

Meanwhile, Pine is said to be involved with a fresh Star Trek property, which is a continuation of the story from the 2009 movie he starred in, and its sequels. Noah Hawley is rumored to be directing the feature, which is expected to have Pine starring alongside Zachary Quinto as Spock and Zoe Saldana as Uhura. This news comes from Trek report.