During a recent conference call with William Shatner to talk about the November 6 DVD release of Stalking Santa, the actor had some very definite opinions about the new Star Trek film.

There's rumors that you have signed on for cameo role in the brand new Star Trek movie. Is this true?

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William Shatner: No, that's not true. I have not been approached. I've heard the thing about this cameo. I don't know what that's in reference to. I would be reluctant to do something that had so little value as to be a cameo. I'm disappointed that the story that they chose to do does not include the character I play, having been in on the birth of Star Trek, I would love to have been in on the rebirth or the resuscitation of it. The fact that I'm not is a disappointing and I think a foolish business decision on their part. Somebody decided how to play their story and they're knowledgeable people and wonderful entertainers so we'll see what happens.

Star Trek comes to theaters December 25 from Paramount Pictures.