While taking part in a recent conference call for his new DVD Stalking Santa (out November 6), William Shatner talked about the upcoming HD-DVD release of Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1.

Are the new supped up HD-DVDs of Star Trek something you're going to add to your collection?

William Shatner: I recollect them saying they were going to do that. You know I don't collect those things. I'm sure they're around somewhere but I never look back at those things. I don't even take pictures. I've got all kinds of cameras, I love cameras but I find myself reluctantly taking pictures because what's past is past. You can't recapture it and I hear these heartbreaking stories of people who lose everything in a fire and the thing they most care about are pictures and I'm thinking, "Why?" The pictures remind you of something that can never be recaptured, the time is gone, the only thing you know is the present. That's all that's knowable and even the present isn't knowable. The present becomes the past... so you really don't know anything. Least of all, either seeing a picture of you when you were younger which is somewhat horrifying, or someone you love who was younger. I'm kind of trying to discover the answer to the mystery of why pictures.

Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 HD-DVD comes to stores November 20 from Paramount Home Entertainment.