It looks like the original Captain Kirk wants in on Tarantino's Star Trek Movie. It's conditional, but William Shatner has officially declared that he's game for the R-rated Star Trek movie that Tarantino is planning, which he very well may direct, if all goes well. The form that this movie will ultimately take remains a mystery, but if he wants to use Shatner's version of Kirk, it sounds like that's very much a possibility.

William Shatner is shockingly active on Twitter for an 86-year-old guy. He regularly engages with his fans and, recently, in response to a fake trailer that utilized footage from Star Trek: The Original Series to show what this Tarantino Star Trek movie could look like, a fan asked if Shatner would really consider starring in such a movie. The actor says that, as long as the script turns out good, he's in. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Depends on the script but if it was good then absolutely. Why not?"

Not too get too ahead of ourselves or anything, as there's no current indication that Quentin Tarantino would want to bring any former cast members along for this new Star Trek movie. In fact, it's tough to say what this movie is going to be at all at this point. What we do know is that Tarantino pitched the initial idea to J.J. Abrams, who is responsible for the most recent rebooted trilogy of movies. He loved the idea and then Tarantino pitched it to the brass at Paramount. Thus, this R-rated Star Trek project was born.

Beyond that, not much else has been revealed. Quentin Tarantino reportedly met with several writers over the course of a great many hours to pitch ideas back and forth. Typically, he writes the movies he directs, but he's currently busy with his Manson movie that's filming later this year, so he doesn't have time to write the new Star Trek movie. That being the case, The Revenant writer Mark L. Smith was hired to pen the screenplay. He can work on it while Tarantino films his next movie, which is only known as #9 right now, and then, if everything works out, he'll direct Star Trek next. It's also worth noting that the director has promised many times that once he's made ten movies he's going to retire from directing. If this all goes according to play, this R-rated Star Trek movie will be his tenth feature.

Patrick Stewart has also expressed interest in being part of this movie. It's unclear if this movie is going to take the place of Star Trek 4, which would see the cast from the J.J. Abrams movies return, or if it will happen alongside that movie. So it's possible that the Chris Pine-led cast could be part of Tarantino's movie, but that seems unlikely, given how much creative control he likes. That being the case, if the script is good, it seems a little more like that this William Shatner cameo, or maybe even a more significant part, could come to pass. You can check out William Shatner's tweet for yourself below and dream of what could be with this increasingly crazy sounding Star Trek movie.