20th Century Fox has just hired Terminator 2: Judgement Day 's William Wisher to write Escape of The Pacific Clipper. According to Variety, Wisher also did uncredited writing work for Live Free or Die Hard.

Clipper will revolve around the true story of a race to get a Boeing B-314 back from New Zealand after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The story has been languishing at Fox for a while. It was Wisher who found a way to make it work.

The film will focus on the eleven-person crew that wass ordered to take the aircraft back to Hong Kong after having just dropped passengers off in New Zealand. They arrive only to find Hong Kong overrun by the Japanese. Not wanting the aircraft's blueprints to fall into the hands of the enemy, the crew is ordered to take the B-314 on a secret mission around the world.

The film does not have a shooting date at this time.