While the movie was not a massive success upon initial release, the family adventure Willow has gone on to become a cherished cult classic, with talk of a sequel popping up every so often over the years. Original director Ron Howard has now given an update on the potential Willow 2 Disney+ series, and while the TV show sequel has not been officially greenlit just yet, his words are very positive indeed.

"I was in a two-hour story meeting last night. The writer Jon Kasdan is leading the charge. They have a great group of writers and it's in very active development. The scripts are going great. So, they have to get through the season and the budget. And so forth, there's no green light there yet, but I'm very optimistic about it. I love [Kasdan's] take on it."
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As Howard mentions, Willow 2 has not yet been given the go-ahead, but the sheer amount of work that seems to be going into it is certainly promising. It sounds likely that the sequel will be a series that streams on Disney+, with Solo: A Star Wars Story writer, Jonathan Kasdan, currently working on the scripts.

The first, and so far only, Willow adventure is a delightful action adventure that took audiences into the far corners of their imagination, and to a Ron Howard with a story by producer George Lucas. Willow stars Warwick Davis as the ritual hero, alongside the likes of Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Jean Marsh, and Billy Barty. Whilst Willow received mixed reviews from critics at the time, the movie has gone to become something of a beloved childhood favorite, with many hoping to return to this particular fantasy land.

Howard has been talking up the potential Willow series for a while now, with the director offering an update several weeks ago saying, "Well, if I say anything too concrete it's gonna go viral because anytime I say anything about Willow, people take it all very seriously. I will say that, let's see...what can I say? It's still in development. It doesn't have a green light." Howard also confirmed that original star Warwick Davis is ready to return to the world of Willow, with the director saying, "Warwick Davis is thrilled by it and if we are lucky enough for it to go, he would come back as Willow."

So, while the Willow sequel has sadly not been greenlit just yet, the fact that there is so much energy behind-the-scenes as well as Howard confirming that the project is in active development is certainly encouraging. This news comes to us courtesy of Radio Andy.