A few weeks ago, Ron Howard revealed that he and Lucasfilm had quietly been talking about the possibility Willow 2 and now, the director has announced that the talks have become serious. Solo: A Star Wars Story has just hit theaters and is doing pretty well at the box office, and Howard has been doing a bunch of interviews to promote the Star Wars spin-off movie along with the rest of the cast. However, the director is about to get a lot more questions about Willow 2 instead of the Solo movie.

Ron Howard took to Twitter today to announce that he and Lucasfilm are having "serious discussions" about Willow 2. The whole topic came about when Warwick Davis and Howard were talking about each other on the social media platform after Davis congratulated the director on his Solo achievement. This online interaction quickly turned to Willow 2 when one fan requested: "More Willow Please!" To which Howard said.

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"We are seriously exploring it (Willow 2) with Lucasfilm folks. Fingers crossed."

This is pretty big news, especially since the last time that Ron Howard discussed Willow 2, he noted that there had been a little discussion about the sequel. Now that Howard has blasted the news for all to hear via social media, Willow 2 may be closer to becoming a reality than previously thought. When he talked about the sequel a few weeks ago, Ron Howard said that it would focus a lot on Elora Danan. He explains.

"I don't want to give away too much, but there is a little talk of Willow. We wouldn't call it Willow 2, I think it would focus a lot on Elora Danan, although Willow would have to be significantly involved."

Ron Howard has talked about the possibility of Willow 2 for many years now, but this seems to be the most serious that the director has taken the project. Disney and Lucasfilm are extremely happy with the work that he pulled off on Solo: A Star Wars Story, and if the movie ends up earning some good money at the box office this weekend, Willow 2 will pretty much be confirmed. Let's hope these serious talks develop into a screenwriter and a cast real soon.

For now, fans looking forward to Willow 2 will have to cross their fingers, as Ron Howard put it. Though the first Willow movie was not a smash at the box office, it quickly gained cult status over the years and is now considered a classic film amongst certain groups. Even though Howard says that the focus of Willow 2 will be on Elora Danan, it would be pretty awesome to see what Val Kilmer's Madmartigan has been up to all of these years. Plus, it would be great to see Warwick Davis starring in a Lucasfilm project again. You can check out the latest development about Willow 2 below, courtesy of Ron Howard's Twitter account.