One of Fox's young stars of the recent past is coming back to the network. According to Variety, Wilmer Valderrama will return to Fox for the network's new one-hour pilot, The Emancipation of Ernesto. The show will be the first one-hour comedy in the network's history.

"We've been talking about doing more hourlong comedies -- look at the shows winning the Emmy for best comedy, and they're all one-hours," said Fox laffer topper Susan Levison. "And Wilmer is a TV star. He's got more range than people think he does."

The story revolves around a man who tries not to succumb to the temptations of Los Angeles while he's on a quest to find his father. The script was written by Emily Kapanek (Emily's Reasons Why Not), who will also executive produce the pilot. She specifically wrote the pilot with Valderrama in mind.

No production schedule was released for the pilot.