The Good

The writing and acting on this show seem flawlessly perfect.

The Bad

With the one the stars of this show being in Spider-Man 3 (Thomas Haden Church as the main bad guy), one might think they could have dug up a few Special Features!

Wings: The Complete Fourth Season gives us another 22 episodes with the cast that makes the skies unfriendly. We have Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian Hackett (Steven Weber) running Sandpiper Airlines, Helen (Crystal Bernard), who runs a small restaurant , Roy (David Schramm), who runs a competing airline, and Antonio (Tony Shalhoub), Fay (Rebecca Small) and Lowell (Thomas Haden Church) rounding out this cast of characters that make their living at this airport. By the fourth season, all the characters had been established and the viewers were the ones who lucked out by getting to see these actors fine tune each performance.

Some of the standout episodes in this set were "Blackout Buggins" in which Brian gets Roy a gig singing the National Anthem at a Red Sox games, and of course Roy has a panic attack. He becomes the laughingstock of the airport and it soon looks like its up to Brian to help him reclaim his dignity. "The Customers Usually Right" sees Joe not take the idea of "Be Kind Rewind" many steps further than he should. Apparently, he was charged a fee that he doesn't want to pay and his life changes when he demands "satisfaction." Lastly, the two part episode "The Gift" sees the idea of the road to hell being paved with good intentions being played out, when Brian wants Joe to mortgage the house to get Helen a cello.


No Extras came with this 4 DVD set.


Full Screen Format. Paramount has done a good job of bringing these episodes to DVD. They don't look as pristine as what Shout! Factory or 20th Century Fox Home Video usually puts out, but these things do look decent. My biggest problem is that it doesn't seem like Paramount has done anything to bump up these episodes. They have a certain fuzzy quality I would have thought the DVD compression might have gotten ride of. Don't get me wrong, you can certainly see what's happening on screen I just thought it might look a little better.


Dolby Digital - English Stereo. The audio on this release was good. Personally, I love the dialogue on this show. I could seriously rip the audio files and just listen to the back and forth banter between the characters. I didn't have to turn the audio up that high and it stayed at the same level for all 4 discs. I didn't hear any audio pops and, I am not kidding either, I completely smiled every time I heard the theme music from this show.


This caramel and white colored cover features most of the members of this cast. Above them is the famous logo from the show. The back features this logo again, a description of what the 4th season is about, some poorly rendered images from this show and technical specs. The four discs are packed into two slim cases, and they feature the entire main cast split up over both covers. The back portions list out all the episodes, the descriptions, airdates and even more images from the show.

Final Word

Wings: The Complete Fourth Season is really an ensemble show of the highest order. What I love about it is that while it may seem that Joe, Brian and Helen are the main characters, the truth is that in any given episode, any one of the characters could be the star. There are episodes that focus on Fay, Lowell, Roy, Antonio, and its not like they were have to make up for this. It isn't like within that same episode they have to find a way to try and give these characters equal time. While I certainly don't know how things were on or off the set, it really seems like everybody here worked to make this the best possible show that it could be. In a lot of ways it reminded me of Seinfeld. Considering these shows started around the same time, I doubt that that's merely a coincidence.

Wings: The Complete Fourth Season is a strongly put together sitcom that shows what happens when everyone is working for the good of a TV show.

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