The Good

This is one of the greatest and most unsung shows ever.

The Bad

No Special Features.

Wings: The Complete Third Season is filled with 22 episodes of unbridled hilarity. Starring an all star cast featuring Tim Daly (Joe), Steven Weber (Brian), Crystal Bernard (Helen), Thomas Haden Church (Lowell), Tony Shalhoub (Antonio), Rebecca Schull (Fay) and David Schramm (Roy), Wings is an ensemble of the highest order. Following the lives of all these people out of an airplane hanger in Nantucket, it feels as though we are treated to comedy gold almost every moment these characters grace the screen. Whether Joe and Helen are rekindling the magic, brother Brian is trying to find his place in life, Roy thinks he's something that he's not, or Lowell is making everyone scratch their head in wonderment, this show never loses it's wry biting edge that makes it ultimately one of the easiest sitcoms to rewatch, and one of the best ones the 1990s has to offer.

It is no surprise that this show ran for eight seasons. Masked in comedy, it shows real people facing real situations and doing everything they can and can't to improve their lives. It is rich in those moments that make us laugh but when Wings: The Complete Third Season gets serious, one can't help but feel the palpable change in altitude.


No Extras came with this release.


Full Screen Format. These episodes are on par with how they look when they used to air on TV Land. I don't notice anything about them that made them look like they were overly bumped up by the DVD compression, but if anything I think most of the fans will just be happy to be able to permanently live with these characters again. There is comfort level that popular TV shows afford that very few other mediums can match.


Dolby Digital. The strains of the piano music really give this show it's time and place. There is an easiness about it that I think subconsciously pulled viewers into and out of each episode. The audio in the body of the episodes themselves didn't really grab me that much, but that's simply because I don't really think there is much you can ask from a sitcom soundtrack. Quite simply, it is what it is.


The majority of the cast of this show is all present and accounted for with various aspects of the show's logo grabbing the most attention. The back features a description of what Wings: The Complete Third Season has in store, it offers up three badly photoshopped images from some of the episodes, and it includes some technical specs on the back and bottom portion of the slipcase. All four DVDs that house the 22 episodes are slotted into two, slim cases, with more artwork from the show, episode listings as well as descriptions of the shows.

Final Word

I never watched this show when it aired in the 1990s. I only started watching it when it played on TV Land and over time I came to realize how great this show was. The writing is so sharp and good, the characters so rich, it seems like anybody in this cast could have gone on to have their own spinoff show. In a way, the cast of Wings has sort of done that. Look at the careers of Tony Shalhoub, Thomas Haden Church, Steven Weber and Tim Daly just to name a few. It seems all to rare nowadays that actors will come from a hit show and continue their careers so prominently. This cast was so solid that many of the actors seem like they have been able to go on and build from the very success that this show gave them.

I was very excited to get this show on DVD and I look forward to adding Wings: The Complete Third Season to my collection.

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