Free Winona: This just in from the Hollywood Reporter:

Actress Winona Ryder was convicted Wednesday of stealing $5,500 worth of high-fashion merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue last year. The jury found the star of "Girl, Interrupted" guilty of felony grand theft and vandalism but cleared her of burglary, a count that required proof of advance intent. The panel reached the verdict after 5 1/2 hours of deliberations over two days. She faces anywhere from probation to three years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 6. The two-time Oscar nominee, who marked her 31st birthday in the defendant's chair, was arrested last Dec. 12 as she left the Beverly Hills store, her arms laden with packages.

Danny Elfman: Oingo Boingo frontman & film music composer extrordinaire, Danny Elfman, has been interviewed by where he discusses working on music for such films as Batman, Red Dragon, Chicago and The Simpsons. Don't miss this. CLICK HERE

Movie PictureSolaris: Starring George Clooney, Solaris is the latest film by Hollywood wunderkind Steven Soderbergh. The much anticipated science fiction adaptation of the classic novel by Stanislaw Lem is opening November 27. The hype on this one has been pretty low key, at least by comparison to most other Hollywood products, but now we are finally getting to the good stuff. Today the producers released an Internet only exclusive trailer. CLICK HERE to see the magic!

In addition, Steven Soderbergh spoke with the LA Times this week about the MPAA and showing off George Clooney's backside in the new movie. here's what he had to say:

"We all agreed that we are not going to cut the film," Soderbergh said, referring to executives at 20th Century Fox, which plans to open the movie Nov. 27... [Soderbergh] said the scenes in question are not really sexual. In one, Clooney and co-star Natascha McElhone, who plays Clooney's wife, are shown slow-dancing in an extremely darkened room, "shot from 70 feet away. "In another shot, he said, they are in bed on their stomachs, talking. " "Again, it's night and very dark."

Whiteout:Movie Poop is reporting that Resse Whitherspoon has recently signed to star in the film Whiteout for Universal Pictures directed by Wolfgang Peterson. The film will be a "whodunit" type of mystery that takes place in the Antarctic. Stay tuned to Lights Out for more info.

Christopher Lee on Harry Potter: In a statement at his official website, Christopher Lee clears up some rumors regarding who will become the new Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter film. Here's what he had to say:

Mr Lee speaking from Vienna said that he is upset at being linked with the role so soon after Harris death.

He says people are congratulating him in the street for getting the role as Professor Albus Dumbledore.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}But he says he hasn't been approached by Warner Bros and doesn't know where the rumors have come from.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"I wasn't approached about replacing Richard and it also wasn't true that the role in the first film only went to Richard after I turned it down. I was never asked, and I don't know where these rumors have come from, but I find it all a bit distasteful so soon after his death.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"The only thing that is sure is that I will be in both of the next two Lord of the Rings movies, and I am considering three of four other interesting roles."

Demons: New Line Cinema has optioned "Memory of Demons," the latest book from author David Ambrose, and is negotiating with Peter Care to direct and Fernley Philips to adapt the novel into a big-screen thriller. A Firm Films production, "Demons" is described as being in the vein of "The Exorcist" and "The Shining." The novel, scheduled for a 2003 release, revolves around a father whose demons come back to haunt him when his young daughter appears possessed by a murdered girl. "Demons" was brought into Firm Films by Alissa Ferguson and is being produced by the company's Beau Flynn and executive produced by Tripp Vinson.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter

Tons of new images have made their mark online today. Let's jump right in:

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers:As usualThe has come through with brand new images of trading cards from the upcoming LOTR film. The selection of six cards gives us a great look at some of the cast from the film. The best two cards though are the new shot of Treebeard and the nice picture of Merry and Pippin being carried by Uruks. CLICK HERE to check them out!

Charlie's Angels: Halo:Coming Soon has landed a new shot of Cameron Diaz & Demi Moore in the Charlie's sequel. CLICK HERE

The Core: Tons of new stills are up at Movie God. CLICK HERE

Biker Boyz:Rock Rage has come across 2 new publicity stills for the new Dreamworks flick which stars Kid Rock. CLICK HERE

Drumline:Latino Review has posted a slew of new pics from the new Orlando Jones flick, Drumline. CLICK HERE

Hero:Monkey Peaches has scored some new stills of Hero, continuing their ongoing coverage. CLICK HERE

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up on these fine images!

Femme Fatale: If you read my review of Femme Fatale and you're still interested in this wacky film, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has been making the rounds as far as interviews are concerned.

Movie Picture for CHUD's interview.

CLICK HERE for IGN Filmforce's interview.

Ball and Chain: Fans of the comic Ball and Chain can rejoice. is reporting that the Scott Lobdell penned comic is to become a feature film through Warner Bros.. For those of you not familiar with the title the story concerns an ex-husband and wife who's super powers only work when they are together. This of course makes for quite interesting crime fighting!

Daredevil: And finally today Daredevil fans don't forget to tune into Entertainment Tonight this evening. ET Online reports that tonight's episode will feature both the film and the man who is filling the hero's tights. Be sure not to miss it!

Stay tuned...~Brian