Sorry, fans of The Witch. The director behind one of the most original horror movies in years is not interested in rehashing his thriller for a sequel. While most scary movies get a follow-up once they hit big with an audience, it doesn't sound like that is happening here. Despite The Witch becoming somewhat of a phenomenon.

Both critically acclaimed and a box office hit, The Witch has a rich mythology that could sustain a number of sequels. But writer and director Robert Eggers has no interest in going down that well-trod road. This tale of a tormented Puritan family and their goat Black Phillip has already grossed $16 million, which is a lot for a small indie like this. And The Witch 2 would surely be an even bigger hit as The Witch gains more of an audience on the home market and VOD. But there will not be a Witch franchise any time in the near future. The filmmaker explains.

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"I think I'm stealing the words from another director I cannot place, but if I wanted to know what happens after the last shot of the film, I would have made a longer movie."

Robert Eggers isn't hurting for projects. Most of them are at various stages of development. He is currently hard at work on a miniseries that chronicles Rasputin, the Russian 'Mad Monk'. He is also in the midst of rebooting the original 1922 F.W. Murnau vampire classic Nosferatu. If that didn't already make for a full plate, he's also hard at work on the medieval epic The Knight. The guy doesn't even have time to consider making The Witch 2. About his upcoming slate, he explains to EW.

"I've been working on this medieval knight thing for over a year now. It's one thing to know how to build a goat shed. Building a castle? There's a lot more parts for me to understand."

What do you think? Are you disappointed that The Witch won't get a sequel? Or are you one of those hardcore horror fans who hated the movie in the first place? While the thriller certainly has its fans, there has also been a growing number of gore aficionados who were rubbed wrong by The Witch and applaud the idea that a sequel will be non-existent. Let us know where you stand in the comments below.