I'm finally back after my fight with that evil thing called strep throat, then of course my wife had to get it worse just to show me up. But everyone's better now, so let's see what I missed!

Movie Picture{1}: Sorry residents of Vancouver, {2} has pulled out all shooting that was going to happen there. Seems a soundstage in LA opened at the last minute, and they decided to use that instead. Uh huh. And Arnie's wanting to run for that government seat had nothing to do with it...

Scooby Doo: Moviefone has posted a new picture of the cast (sans Scooby). To view it Movie Picture Please let this not suck. Please let this not suck.

The Mist, Fahrenheit 451, & Mine: Frank Darabount is a busy man. According to The Rovert R. McCammon FAQ, the screenwriter/director is busy working on adaptions of Stephen King's The Mist, Ray Bradburry's Fahrenheit 451, and Robert McCammon's Mine.

Minority Report: www.empiremovies.com|Empire Movies has scored the first look at the kickass one-sheet for Minority ReportMovie Picture to check that out.

Rendezvous With Rama: A script review of Rendezvous With Rama is up online. Coming Attractions scored this exclusive. I would kill to read this script (hint hint to those of you with connections).