Buillitt: According to Variety, Troy director Wolfgang Petersen and Warner Bros. are reloading Bullitt.

The studio will remake the 1968 Steve McQueen drama with Petersen directing.

The crime caper, centered on tough-guy detective Frank Bullitt, will be contemporized by Cynthia Mort, who scripted drama "The Brave One" for WB and producer Joel Silver as well as "F*ck Me Please," a Pariah-produced hour pilot for HBO about sex and relationships.

The original drama was based on the Robert L. Pike novel "Mute Witness," but the remake isn't. Petersen sparked more to the character than to the original storyline.

"Bullitt" is not about "remaking a film or repeating a plot, it is about reviving a great character," Petersen said. "Frank Bullitt is a cool, no-nonsense man who doesn't compromise. Bullitt walks his own path and his pursuit of the truth is unrelenting."