DVD is proving to the a saving grace for many directors.

In a story from Variety, Wolfgang Petersen will be unveiling a new cut of Troy this Saturday at the Berlin Film Festival. It appears that Warner Bros. Home Video put $1 million dollars into this new effort.

Petersen also got a chance to redo Das Boot some years ago on DVD as well.

Apparently, this new version of Troy has about 30 more minutes of footage bringing the film's total running time to 192 minutes.

"This is more the film I wanted it to be," states Petersen. "It's very violent, but that's Homer and The Iliad. "

When the movie came out in the U.S. it didn't fare as well as the studio had hoped. It grossed $133 in the states and $364 overseas. Buoyed by this big international box office the film seemed to be worthy of a second look on DVD.

According to Petersen this allowed him to really dig into the film and make it the movie he envisioned. "The sword is not hanging over your head... You can give it more time to breathe."

There is currently no word yet on when the film might get re-released. Petersen still needs to do some production work on the DVD like a commentary track and other bonus materials.