According to a story in The Los Angeles Times, which takes a look at the release of Orson Scott Card's new Ender novel Ender in Exile, Wolfgang Peterson has dropped out of directing a big screen adaptation of the original Ender book Ender's Game. The film was scrapped due to Card's own disappointment in the film's thematic direction.

The story claims that the book's "Complex weave of emotions has made Ender especially difficult to film and has resulted in two decades of fizzled studio meetings, dead-end scripts and a marathon director search." The author stated that he was not interested in a "tough-hero action film" and still refuses to condescend to green-screen Hollywood. Card wants a film where the human relationships are absolutely essential. Basically he wants an honest presentation of the story.

Card's hope now is that Marvel's recent comic book adaptation of the first novel will convince Hollywood that the story is worth telling on the big screen. To read more about Card's latest novel check out the article at The Los Angeles Times.