Back in January, Hugh Jackman indicated that they will be filming an X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel next year and now that seems to be the case. Showbizz 411 is reporting that screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie has finished the script for Wolverine 2 and filming is set to begin in January. McQuarrie started work on the script back in August.

As Jackman previously mentioned, the story will be set in and filmed in Japan. Here's an excerpt from the article.

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Based on a story cycle by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, Wolverine's adventures in martial arts will be a love story featuring a Japanese actress, I am told. "It's a beautiful story," says a source, "and will be very different than the first film."

The site also indicates that a director hasn't been attached to the film as of yet. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any and all updates surrounding Wolverine 2 as soon as we have more information.