While we still have a few months until Wolverine 3 starts production in early 2016, Hugh Jackman recently shared new artwork from the highly-anticipated sequel, which will be his last time playing the beloved mutant. The artwork was accompanied by a request, where he asked fans what they want to see in the superhero sequel. The actor recently appeared on the Sydney Confidential Podcast, where he teased that the return of Victor Creed, a.k.a. Sabretooth was among the most popular request from the fans.

"There were a lot of calls for Victor Creed to come back. I must admit I was quite heartened by a number of people saying please don't make it the last, but look, I'm really excited about this last one. And if you're a comic book fan, the words "berserker rage" came up a lot. If you know Wolverine, you'll understand."
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Sabretooth was originally played by Tyler Mane in the superhero movie that started it all, 2000's X-Men, but the character was most recently played by Liev Schreiber in the 2009 prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It isn't known for certain if Victor Creed/Sabretooth will be brought back, or if Liev Schreiber would even be interested in reprising that role. There were previously rumors that the comic book story known as Old Man Logan would be used for this final Wolverine adventure, but those reports were recently debunked, so we'll have to wait and see what this story will center on.

James Mangold (The Wolverine) is directing from a script by Michael Green. Patrick Stewart recently revealed that he will be back as Professor X, although his character will be much different than previous incarnations. Patrick Stewart teased that his character may have been altered from the changes in the timeline at the end of last year's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Hopefully we'll get confirmation regarding the actor's role before production starts early next year.

Would you like to see Sabretooth back in Wolverine 3? What other aspects of this character would you like to see in the sequel, that we haven't seen before? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more updates on Wolverine 3 as soon as more information is released.