It was first rumored, and then later confirmed by the actor himself, that Patrick Stewart will be returning as Professor X, aka Charles Xavier, in 2017's Wolverine 3. Now, speaking with ScreenRant, Patrick Stewart teases that we may be seeing a Professor X who has been altered by the changing timelines set up in X-Men: Days of Future Past and is probably more influenced by James McAvoy's take on the character. The actor, who has played Charles Xavier in every X-Men movie to date except for X-Men: First Class, doesn't really know too much about this new take on Charles, but he finds himself intrigued by the possibilities.

We all know that Wolverine 3 will mark Hugh Jackman's last turn as the indestructible Mutant Logan, and he only beats Patrick Stewart by one movie in terms of appearances, being the only actor to appear in all 7 X-Men movies that have been released. And it's been teased that will continue, as the actor will surely have cameos, if not a much more substantial role, in the three movies planned for next year, which include X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit. Patrick Stewart, on the other hand, will fall way behind, as he's already confirmed that he's not showing up in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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It has long been rumored that Wolverine 3 will be based on Marvel Comics' Old Man Logan storyline, but Hugh Jackman has, a number of times now, said that is not true. Yet Patrick Stewart hints that it is, as he jokes about wanting to see Hugh Jackman as an old Mutant. Perhaps the movie will pull inspiration from this iconic storyline. Patrick Stewart has confirmed that he won't have a mere cameo in Wolverine 3. He actually plays a key role in the action, and promises a very different take on the character.

The actor confirms that he visited the set of X-Men: Apocalypse, which has many fans speculating that he does have a cameo, or perhaps a post credit scene that will help set up Wolverine 3. Patrick Stewart continues to deny that, though. He had this to say about visiting his old friend, director Bryan Singer, in Tornoto as production on that film continues, and his participation in Wolverine 3.

"They are in the middle of filming. I went up to pay them a visit in Montreal a couple of weeks ago...The next X-Men movie, but that will be inhabited by Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. The X's, not Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart. Um, but there is I am told a Wolverine movie in development that would include Charles Xavier, but a very different Charles Xavier than the one we have seen before. And I don't quite know what that means, but I am very very excited about it. I love Hugh and I love working with him and James Mangold I believe is set to direct and he is terrific so we shall see."

Patrick Stewart was asked if Wolverine 3 will bring a close to the X-Men franchise that Bryan Singer created. It has long been speculated that Fox will reboot the series following the sequel's debut. And it's known that The New Mutants and X-Force will follow in its wake. About that, Patrick Stewart played coy. Though he wants to see Xavier continue to appear in future movies.

"Oh, yeah I love being in those movies. I feel...I am very passionate about the X-Men movies and unlike Star Trek, where I was Captain of the Enterprise, but someone had already been captain of the Enterprise before me, William Shatner. Um, but well I created Professor X and now James is taking it over and he is wonderful so flattering to have him as a youthful me. Everybody associated with that project, they are fantastic...The actors, the crew and the directors and now that Singer is back directing it because the first two were wonderful movies. Yeah, I would go happy into old age doing more X-Men, but something tells me from what I read that Hugh said it may be over soon. I don't know what the studio will think about that. We'll see. He's a terrific character, but I am looking forward to...If what I have been told is true...To a different version of Charles. We shall see."

It's unclear just how different this 'new' Charles Xavier will be. X-Men: The Last Stand had Professor X getting disintegrated by The Phoenix. His mind lived on, though, in the body of his brain dead Twin brother, a storyline right out of a twisted soap opera. That plot thread had been abandoned by the time X-Men: Days of Future Past rolled around, which saw Xavier bald and in his iconic chair, standing tall as the leader of the mutant race.

It isn't know if Wolverine 3 will continue from the point we last left Logan in X-Men: Days of Future Past, or if it will fall in line with the previous standalone adventure The Wolverine, which was released in 2013. The sequel could continue playing with the idea of converging timelines, and it's possible that it could help set up the idea of a new Wolverine, played by a completely different actor. What do you guys think?

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