It seems like just yesterday, Hugh Jackman was boldly proclaiming that he wants to play Wolverine until he dies. But that sadly may not be the case. In a rather cryptic Instagram that arrived with no other information, Hugh Jackman posted a photo of his claws, stating: 'Wolverine...One Last Time.' What does this mean? Is he done with the character? It's also not clear if he is actually referring to Wolverine 3, which is set to shoot in 2016. He was recently rumored to be cameoing in X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool, but that has never been confirmed.

It's unlikely that X-Men: Apocalypse will be Hugh Jackman's final turn as the indestructible Mutant Logan, as he and director James Mangold have been working on the Wolverine 3 story for quite sometime now. This isn't the first time the actor has declared that he is done with the character, either. He has gone back and forth on whether or not he will give up what is arguably the most popular X-Men character of all time. Last we heard, he was carrying it to the grave.

It's possible that Hugh Jackman sent out this Instagram shortly after officially signing his contract for Wolverine 3, but that has not yet been confirmed by the actor or the studio. if that's the case, where does that leave X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool? Will he simply not appear in those movies? Or does 'One Last Time' encompass this round of movies? A year ago, talking with SFX magazine, Hugh Jackman had this to say about reprising Logan in Wolverine 3 and whether it would be his last time:

"I don't know yet. We're talking it through. I still am very ambitious for the character. And tonally I feel like we corrected the ship with the last one. But I feel we can still go further, in a way. If I did another one I'm 99.9% sure it would be the last, so that will inform what it is for me."

Is Wolverine 3 truly Hugh Jackman's last turn as the character? We may not know for days or even weeks, but the actor doesn't usually stay quite for too long. We'll be sure to keep you updated, but in the meantime, check out his official Instagram:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange