Just a few days ago, a verified Instagram account dubbed "wponx" first surfaced for 20th Century Fox's Logan, which was previously known as Wolverine 3. There have been a number of random photos posted to that page, including a glimpse at Professor X, along with a severed hand and our first look at the villainous Donald Pierce. Some think that these may be leading up to the first trailer, and while that may be the case, the trailer hasn't arrived yet, although we do have two more interesting new images to contemplate and speculate on.

The first, and least interesting, photo was posted on the "wponx" account, while Hugh Jackman also shared it on Twitter. The image features a "smelting plant," which features a large tipped over tower. We can also see the black limousine that has been spotted in previous set photos. The limo is now seen with a Texas license plate.

The studio hasn't released any official plot details as of yet, but there have been a number of intriguing rumors surfacing. In the official poster that arrived last week, the clawed hand of Wolverine is seen holding what looks like a young girl's hand, who many believe is the mutant clone X-23. A recent report wouldn't confirm if this character is in fact X-23, which has been rumored ever since a young girl was seen alongside Hugh Jackman in set photos during production, but it was said that Logan takes this girl under his wing.

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The story is reportedly set in the year 2024, when mutant births have dropped sharply, resulting in a new government program to turn mutant babies into killing machines. The limousine in question is present because Logan has reportedly taken a job driving this vehicle, although that and other rumored plot details have yet to be confirmed. If these photos are leading up to the first trailer, hopefully some of these rumors will be cleared up.

Now, to the more interesting picture at hand. Just earlier today, another photo was released which features an unspecified character many believe is the Marvel comic book villain Arcade. In the Marvel Comics, Arcade is a villain who possesses a genius-level intellect, which he uses to terrorize Wolverine and other members of the X-Men. This character has never been confirmed for Logan, and we don't know who the actor is in the photo, but we also see that this particular scene is set in El Paso, Texas.

The report from last week teases that this story is at least partially based on the Old Man Logan comics, with Logan said to be "sick," losing his mutant healing powers, using booze to serve as a painkiller. It was also revealed that Stephen Merchant's character is Caliban, who helps Logan take care of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who, at times, doesn't even remember who Logan is. Take a look at the latest Logan photos below.