Director James Mangold is building on the momentum created when the Wolverine 3 title was finally confirmed as Logan. The first poster arrived yesterday, and while we wait for the first Wolverine 3 trailer, the filmmaker has released a new photo that offers our first look at Patrick Stewart as Old Professor X. And it's quite shocking! Unconfirmed plot details that leaked yesterday reveal much more about the X-Men leader.

James Mangold debuted the new photo on Twitter earlier today. While unconfirmed at this point, the character details revealed yesterday tease that, much like Logan, Professor X has fallen ill. His mutant abilities are said to be unstable, and at times, he doesn't even remember who Logan is anymore. We also learned that British actor Stephen Merchant will be playing the mutant Caliban, who has stepped in to help Logan take care of the ailing Professor X. Logan is reportedly sick as well in Wolverine 3, with his mutant healing powers rapidly deteriorating, as he resorts to booze even more to kill the pain, which is quite reminiscent of the iconic comic book Old Man Logan.

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Yesterday's report has yet to be confirmed, but it does line up with some earlier details and rumors. For instance, Logan has taken a job driving a Chrysler 300 limousine, which is most certainly the same vehicle we saw in earlier set photos, with the limo riddled with bullet holes. Those same photos showed Logan with an unidentified young girl many assume is the mutant clone X-23. This new report claims Logan takes this mutant child under his wing.

It was also revealed that the story takes place in the year 2024, where mutant births have gone down dramatically. There is reportedly a program dubbed Transigen, which is turning mutant babies into killing machines. Yesterday's report didn't confirm that the girl Logan mentors is in fact X-23, but she is a mutant that has two adamantium claws instead of three. James Mangold also debuted a script page from Logan yesterday, which essentially confirmed this movie will have an R-rating, since an F-bomb was dropped.

The Logan cast also includes Boyd Holbrook, who has been rumored to be the villain. It was recently confirmed by Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg that Mister Sinister will be the main villain in this final Wolverine movie, though director James Mangold later denied that was true. Hopefully we'll learn more when the first trailer arrives. Until that footage debuts, take a look at this new Patrick Stewart photo from Logan, arriving in theaters March 3, 2017.

Logan Professor X Photo