It's been a big week for Wolverine fans, with the reveal of the official Wolverine 3 title, Logan, a new poster that teases the mutant clone X-23 and rumored plot details. This final Wolverine movie has also set up a new Instagram account, where two new photos have surfaced, one which shows the brutal aftermath of an encounter with Logan, while another teases a mysterious facility. The Instagram account also showcased the script page photo and the Patrick Stewart photo previously released by director James Mangold.

The Instagram account is named "wponx" instead of Logan, which is slightly bizarre since Weapon X was rumored to be the title at one point. The first photo features the severed hand of one of Logan's enemies, still holding a shotgun before the hand was sliced off with Wolverine's adamantium claws. As for the second photo, a translation of the Spanish text can be found below.

"Notice. Law Prohibits Login or Loitering In Cualquer of these Roads."

While no Spanish definition for Culaquer was found, Culaquier is the Spanish word for "any," which would make sense given this context. Still, the inclusion of the word "Login" on this sign, in this mysterious location, is quite puzzling, with one Instagram user commenting that this may be a sign that the first trailer may be dropping soon. It's possible that the first trailer may arrive with 20th Century Fox's new action comedy Keeping Up With the Joneses, arriving in theaters October 21, but that has not been confirmed.

The studio hasn't released any official plot details as of yet, but there have been a number of intriguing rumors surfacing. In the official poster that arrived last week, the clawed hand of Wolverine is seen holding what looks like a young girl's hand, who many believe is the mutant clone X-23. A recent report wouldn't confirm if this character is in fact X-23, which has been rumored ever since a young girl was seen alongside Hugh Jackman in set photos during production, but it was said that Logan takes this girl under his wing. The story is reportedly set in the year 2024, when mutant births have dropped sharply, resulting in a new government program to turn mutant babies into killing machines.

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The report from last week also teases that this story is at least partially based on the Old Man Logan comics, with Logan said to be "sick," losing his mutant healing powers, using booze to serve as a painkiller. It was also revealed that Stephen Merchant's character is Caliban, who helps Logan take care of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who, at times, doesn't even remember who Logan is. While we wait for the new trailer, take a look at these Logan photos below.