In the past few days, we've seen quite a few photos from director James Mangold's Instagram. And for the most part, they've been very mysterious black and white images teasing the upcoming X-Men adventure Wolverine 3, which has the confirmed titled Logan. Today, we get a look at one very mysterious location. But that's not all. We also get the reveal of an iconic Marvel villain.

That's right! While Mister Sinister had been previously confirmed as the villain in Logan, we're now being told that Donald Pierce is also in the movie. Though here, he is simply called Pierce. He will be played by Boyd Holbrook, who joined the movie early on. This is our first look at the actor in character.

Donald Pierce is a fictional supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a cyborg and is commonly an enemy of the X-Men. Donald Pierce first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #132. He was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Pierce's name and appearance were modeled by Byrne upon Donald Sutherland. The last name comes from Sutherland's character from the 1970 movie M*A*S*H, Hawkeye Pierce. At this time, it isn't clear what role the character plays in the movie.

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Also amongst the two new photos is the dark image of a puddle. It's interesting in that it teases some kind of motel. And if you look close enough, you'll also see a person reflected back in this drippy leaking dirt water. Who or what is it? Let the speculation begin.

Shooting on Logan wrapped earlier this year, but we're only now getting to see some of the behind the scenes images. It's expected that the first trailer will be on its way shortly, and that all these teases are leading up to the big reveal. At this time, no official plot synopsis has been released by 20th Century Fox.

There have been a number of intriguing rumors though. In the official poster that arrived last week, the clawed hand of Wolverine is seen holding what looks like a young girl's hand, who many believe is the mutant clone X-23. A recent report wouldn't confirm if this character is in fact X-23, which has been rumored ever since a young girl was seen alongside Hugh Jackman in set photos during production, but it was said that Logan takes this girl under his wing. The story is reportedly set in the year 2024, when mutant births have dropped sharply, resulting in a new government program to turn mutant babies into killing machines.

The report from last week also teases that this story is at least partially based on the Old Man Logan comics, with Logan said to be "sick," losing his mutant healing powers, using booze to serve as a painkiller. It was also revealed that Stephen Merchant's character is Caliban, who helps Logan take care of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who, at times, doesn't even remember who Logan is. With Pierce revealed in this latest photo, many are assuming that he may take over Hawkeye's role from the comic book, since Hawkeye is a character currently owned by Marvel. Take a look.

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