Over the past few weeks, we've seen a lot of new images from 20th Century Fox's Logan, which many have suspected will lead up to the first trailer's release. Today we have what could be the final photo of this series, featuring Hugh Jackman as "Old Man Logan," along with a new report that claims the trailer will debut tomorrow morning. 20th Century Fox has not confirmed that the trailer is debuting tomorrow, but if it does debut, it will supposedly happen very early.

Director James Mangold debuted this new photo of Hugh Jackman on Twitter, although he would not address any reports of a new trailer arriving tomorrow. Fox Star India tweeted this morning that there is only one day left until the Logan teaser arrives, creating the hashtag #1DayToLoganTeaser, but we haven't heard anything official about its release thus far. Trailer Track also reports that, much like the recent Assassin's Creed trailer, the Logan footage is expected to arrive at 6 AM PST/9 AM EST.

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The trailer was recently classified by the British Board of Film Classification, with the footage clocking in at one minute and 46 seconds long. While we won't know exactly what will be revealed quite yet, the recent photos have teased plenty of details. We recently got our first look at Stephen Merchant's character Caliban, who has been rumored to be helping Hugh Jackman's Logan take care of Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who has fallen ill and at times can't even remember who Logan is. Logan himself has reportedly seen better days, with this powerful mutant losing his abilities, which was teased in the poster that shows several cuts on Logan's hand, which would have normally healed with his mutant powers.

Yesterday, another cryptic photo confirmed the presence of a villainous group known as the Reavers, which had been rumored to be included before. It is believed that the villainous Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) creates this group of cyborgs, as he does in the comics. However, the Reavers aren't featured in the Old Man Logan comics that this story is partially based on, which has lead many fans to wonder if this story is based on a number of different comic book stories. Hopefully we'll find out for sure if the first trailer drops tomorrow.

The cast also includes Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle, but their characters have yet to be confirmed at this time. Many fans are hoping that this trailer also confirms the presence of X-23, who many believe is the young girl who was seen in numerous set photos while production was under way. While we wait for any news on the impending trailer, take a look at this new Logan photo, along with Fox Star India's tweet about the new trailer debuting tomorrow.

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