It's official! Old, bald Charles is coming back. Wolverine 3 has started shooting, and we already know that the story takes place in the future and will be held within the Western genre. Now, a rumor we often heard leading into the start of production has been confirmed. Patrick Stewart is returning as Professor X in this final chapter of the Logan saga. Though, we're not quite sure how he will be utilized in the plot just yet.

Wolverine 3 will mark the final X-Men film for star Hugh Jackman. And the actor plans on going out in a big way. We've heard plenty of rumors that the storyline is based on the iconic Old Man Logan story arc. While that has not been confirmed, the movie will be Rated R, allowing for Jackman's seasoned mutant to go on full-blown berserker rage, and for the first time, fans will really get to see what those Adamantium claws are capable of doing. It was Collider who caught up with producer Hutch Parker, and got him to confirm the presence of the older Charles Xavier. Says the producer about the actor's participation in this anticipated sequel.

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"I am [involved in Wolverine 3], in fact I'm on loan from them right now... I will confirm that Patrick Stewart is part of the film."

Patrick Stewart let the cat slip out of the bag back when X-Men: Apocalypse was still in production. And he seemed quite excited about returning to the character at the time. He was last seen playing Professor X in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he shared the character with James McAvoy. According to the actor, this will be a much different Charles than we've seen before. Mostly because the man had his life greatly altered by the time travel seen in Days of Future Past. The plan is to have a father son relationship play out between Charles and Logan. Producer Parker goes onto say this about how Wolverine 3 is quite a departure from the previous films in the X-Men franchise.

"I'm not going to tease much, we're really trying to do something - look you asked your earlier question, it's the right one, which is 'How do you follow these movies up?' And [director] Jim Mangold and Hugh were really intent on trying to do something unique and different with this. That's what we're setting out to do. I'm not going to tip how, but I'm hoping that you guys will really love it, I think it's really, really special."

X-Men: Apocalypse features an extended Wolverine cameo with Hugh Jackman once again playing the character. Director Bryan Singer has confirmed that this version of the Marvel mutant is actually Weapon X, and he's fully functioning as a weapon of mass destruction. The movie will also set up the first meeting between Logan and Jean Grey. It is believed that X-Men 7, which is set in the 1990s and partially takes place in space, will tell the Dark Phoenix saga, a story from the Marvel comics that was touched upon in X-Men 3: Last Stand, but never really done justice. It isn't clear when we'll learn more about Wolverine 3's storyline. But with production taking place as we speak, we can expect to see some leaked set photos any day now.