Ever since it was first announced back in November 2013, Hugh Jackman's final movie as the beloved X-Men mutant Wolverine was simply known as Wolverine 3, although there had been plenty of rumored titles. Just yesterday, Hugh Jackman teased that something would be coming this week, and while most fans assumed it was the first trailer, it turned out to be the first official poster, revealing the new title Logan. While it's possible we may still get the first trailer this week, there is plenty to discuss just within this poster alone.

Director James Mangold unveiled the Wolverine 3 poster on Twiter earlier today, while star Hugh Jackman tweeted out a photo of this poster showcased on the side of a large building. The poster is quite intriguing since it features the adamantium-clawed hand of Logan holding a much smaller hand. It's possible that it could be mutant clone X-23, who has long been rumored to be a part of this story.

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James Mangold also took to Twitter to reveal the second page of the Logan screenplay, which confirms that the Wolverine 3 story is partially based on the iconic Old Man Logan story line, where Logan loses his mutant abilities and goes on a cross-country journey as he starts to age, where he comes across numerous Marvel heroes. The script page features a disclaimer stating that for fans looking for a "hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying, CG f*ckathon, this ain't your movie." This disclaimer, set in all italics, goes on to explain that people will get "hurt or killed when s--t falls on them," while confirming that the hero Logan is older, and his abilities "aren't what they used to be."

Logan's healing mutation has diminished, which "keeps him in a chronic state of pain," which has him resorting to using "booze as a painkiller." It's also clear that they're shooting for an R-rating, with Logan dropping an F-bomb right away, as this scene teases a fight between Logan and a group of characters named "Bangers," who are all beating on Logan with "knives and guns and fists and a Makita drill," as described at the end of this page. Since this is just the second page of the script, it's clear that Wolverine doesn't start out in too great of shape, this may not truly be the beginning of this story, it could merely be a flash-forward.

It's possible that this group known as the Bangers could be the Reavers, who had been rumored to be part of this story earlier this year. In the Marvel Comics, Reavers were a group of criminal cyborgs determined to destroy Wolverine, but their involvement in Logan has never been confirmed. We do know that Boyd Holbrook plays the new villain, although no details were given about his character, with a supporting cast that includes Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle, along with Patrick Stewart returning as Professor Xavier. Take a look at the new poster for Logan below, along with with this intriguing script page.

Logan Poster