Last week, a report surfaced that 20th Century Fox has finally decided on a title for Wolverine 3, which is believed to now be titled Weapon X. That report also shot down rumors that the story will be based on the iconic Old Man Logan comics, which features the title character losing his mutant powers. Today we have another report that backs up the previous rumor, revealing that the studio has actually registered two different versions of this same title.

The X-Men Films Twitter feed revealed that 20th Century Fox has registered both Wolverine: Weapon X and Weapon X as titles for Wolverine 3, which has been set for release on March 3, 2017. Nearly a month ago, it was confirmed that production has begun on Wolverine 3, with recent photos seemingly hinting that this final sequel will be adapted from the Old Man Logan comics, which has been rumored for years. While no plot details have been officially announced, it now seems the story will not be adapted from Old Man Logan, but does take place in the future with a very grizzled central character in the twilight of his life.

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It's possible that this story could tie in to last month's X-Men: Apocalypse. Hugh Jackman made a brief appearance during the latest sequel, which was set in 1983, as he took out a number of soldiers at the Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake. Then again, since that movie was set in the past, and Hugh Jackman has been spotted sporting a beard with hints of grey, it doesn't seem likely that this story will be set in 1983. It is possible that there could be a flashback or some other tie-in to X-Men: Apocalypse, but we don't know for sure.

It's worth noting that 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past essentially established a new timeline for this X-Men franchise, but we don't know how this will affect Wolverine 3/Weapon X. There have been rumors that this movie will introduce the mutant X-23, a clone of Wolverine who was hinted at in casting calls. The most recent set photos suggest that a young girl has been cast in this role, but she has not yet been identified. Boyd Holbrook has signed on to play the new villain, along with new cast members Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle, although their characters have not yet been identified either.

James Mangold is directing from a script by David James Kelly, with 20th Century Fox setting a March 3, 2017 release date. The movie has already been confirmed to be R-rated, with another report surfacing last month that claimed Wolverine would be squaring off against a group of cyborgs known as the Reavers, who, in the comics, are hellbent on destroying all mutants. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more news on Wolverine 3/Weapon X as soon as more details come in. In the meantime, take a look at the tweet from X-Men Films below which sheds new light on the title.