Earlier today, we got the very first trailer for Logan. It is the third and final standalone Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman as the indestructible mutant. Only this time, his powers are starting to wane. And the rest of mutant kind is dying off. Now, we get the international trailer, and boy does it bring one nasty scene of blood red violence.

Yes, proving its worth as an R-rated superhero movie like Deadpool before it, this latest Wolverine 3 footage proves that Logan is not to be messed with, even if he's getting along in age and has lost some of his healing powers. While this may look like the teaser trailer that launched at 6am this morning, it most certainly is not the same.

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Watch as Wolverine goes head-to-head with the Reavers while shedding a lot of blood. We saw him extract his claws. But here, he puts them to good use. Running down the corridor of a fleabag hotel in El Paso, Texas, the animal inside of Logan emerges. We here that familiar SNIKT sound as the claws come out. And then we get to watch as they glorious go through a man's skull. It's nasty.

20th Century Fox hasn't provided an official synopsis for Logan yet, but this latest footage sums up most of the rumors we've previously heard. Not only is Hugh Jackman back for one last ride as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart is coming along too, playing a dying Charles Xavier who has certainly seen better days. Together, the pair try to protect a young girl who has some of Wolverine's same abilities. She isn't mentioned by name, but it appears that we'll get to see the big screen introduction of Marvel fan-favorite character X-23. While the movie isn't based solely on the Old Man Logan comic as often rumored, it is definitely pulling themes and ideas from that popular story arc.

You can check out the glorious R-Rated footage in the clip below courtesy of 20th Century Fox U.K. In this sneak peek, we also get to see Boyd Holbrook as the villainous Donald Pierce as well as Stephen Merchant's Caliban. Fans will probably think this is the better of the two trailers that have been released. You can watch both here.