It's been a few months since 20th Century Fox's highly-anticipated superhero sequel Wolverine 3 wrapped production in New Mexico, with Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg confirming on the X-Men: Apocalypse commentary track that the main villain for Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie will be Mister Sinister. James Mangold revealed on Twitter last month that fans will see something very soon. Now, over the weekend, Hugh Jackman has hinted that the first footage will arrive next week.

20th Century Fox has already set a March 3, 2017 release date for Wolverine 3, which will be Hugh Jackman's final performance as the title character, which he has played since 2000's X-Men. The actor recently made an appearance at the 95th Annual Hollywood's Night Under the Stars, where he told Entertainment Tonight that there will be something coming from Wolverine 3 very soon. Here's what he had to say below.

"We finished shooting. I just saw James Mangold today, he's editing away and finishing that. I'm very, very excited about it. There's going to be some stuff coming out in the next week or so, that's all I'll say. I'm really trying - I'm not good, I'm the kind of person who tells everybody everything. Basically, it's going to be very different. Very different in tone and hopefully, very different from anything that we've done."

Even before production started earlier this year, this movie was rumored to follow the iconic Old Man Logan story line, where Logan loses his mutant powers and interacts with several Marvel characters while journeying across America, as he begins to grow old. A report from June claimed that the title will actually be Weapon X, which means it could tie in to the post-credits sequence of X-Men: Apocalypse, where an unidentified person believed to be working for Mister Sinister, took a vial of blood belonging to Wolverine.

It has been widely rumored that this blood will be used to create the mutant clone X-23. While that character's presence has still not been confirmed, a young girl was spotted with Hugh Jackman several times during production, leading many to believe that this girl was playing X-23. Take a look at the video interview with Hugh Jackman where he teases the debut of the Wolverine 3 trailer next week.