Wolverine 3, which has already been given a March 2017 release date, is swiftly moving forward as a new writer comes aboard. Michael Green, one of the credited screenwriters on Warner Bros. and DC Comics mega-bomb Green Lantern, will help tell the final big screen adventure for Hugh Jackman's indestructible Mutant Logan. He will be working closely alongside the actor and director James Mangold.

Hugh Jackman has publicly hinted that Wolverine 3 will be the last time he puts on the claws for 20th Century Fox. Though, that has not been officially confirmed by anyone else involved with the project, with the news coming from Hugh Jackman shortly after he stated he was planning to play the role until he died. It has been rumored that Hugh Jackman may first pop up in a cameo during X-Men: Apocalypse, set for release in 2016, but that hasn't been confirmed either.

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While some comic book fans might worry that one of the men responsible for Green Lantern is now attached, it's unclear how much responsibility for that film's failure should be pointed in Michael Green's direction, as he was just one of four credited names on the screenplay. 20th Century Fox has faith in the writer, who revised Jack Paglen's script for Ridley Scott's sci-fi sequel Prometheus 2. And he recently penned the Untitled Blade Runner Project with original writer Hampton Fancher, based on an idea by Fancher and producer Ridley Scott.

No story details have been revealed for Wolverine 3, though it's been hinted that Logan may die as he has in the Marvel comic books. As we reported earlier this morning, James Mangold's next film was scheduled to be The Deep Blue Good-by. That film has been canceled (or postponed, depending on which report you read) due to star Christian Bale suffering a knee injury. It is believed that Wolverine 3 will now be the director's next project. Michael Green wasn't exactly a stranger to comic books before taking on Green Lantern. He has also written for the TV series Smallville and Heroes. He's also worked on a draft of The Flash movie for Warner Bros. starring Ezra Miller.