A few months ago, before production started in New Orleans on Wolverine 3, a casting call was sent out that many fans thought was for the popular mutant X-23. That casting call was seeking Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian women over the age of 21, who are between 4'0-4'11 in height, size 0-4, with dark brown hair for stand-in roles. We never got any confirmation if this character was cast yet, but today we have new photos from the set which may just have our first look at X-23 in this R-rated movie.

These photos, which surfaced on Twitter earlier today, don't reveal too much, but this unidentified young actress is seen walking with Hugh Jackman. One thing is clear, though, either this character isn't X-23, or the earlier casting call was for a different character, because this girl is most certainly not over the age of 21. The Hashtag show also discovered a character description for a character known as "Zoe," who may be the young girl pictured below, and may in fact be X-23. Here's the description.

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"12 to 15 year-old girl. Still a child, but a wounded badass, a pound puppy, raised in captivity in a time of battle, without support systems of normal childhood. She has no family and until now, has never left the compound in which she was born. She has an authentic intensity - her expressions & body language speak volumes, without words. Once released in the outside world, everything is new - every experience and every image a first. This does not mean everything is wonderful or wondrous. Some things she sees (things we might regard as conventional) may scare her or anger her and things we may find interesting may bore her. She has not been instructed in many social conventions - she can eat like an animal. She studies and often mimics people's behavior. She has a high IQ, but is also a temperamental, impulsive and feral creature that can raise genuine mayhem. She is a girl that has never been kissed. Looking for a REAL girl - not made up or done up. Also with genuine edge, not made up or put on. Martial arts or gymnastics experience preferred but not necessary - but actress must be extremely physical and able to improvise scenes without necessarily resorting to speech. Do NOT play it 'cute.'"

X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, was created by Craig Kyle for the animated TV series X-Men: Evolution, making her debut on the show in 2004. She soon transferred over to the comics, where she was further created by both Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, who went on to write the scripts for Thor and Thor: The Dark World. X-23 was cloned from Wolverine's DNA, and her name comes from the fact that she was the 23rd attempt at creating a clone, and by far the most successful. Much like Wolverine himself, X-23 has regenerative healing abilities and retractable adamantium claws, along with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and heightened senses.

These set photos don't give us too many hints about these scenes, but we also showed you earlier today that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Professor X will reunite. The cast includes Boyd Holbrook as the villain, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle in unspecified roles. We'll continue to keep you posted with more updates on Wolverine 3, but in the meantime, check out the video from The Hashtag Show along with more set photos below, one of which shows X-23 if all of these rumors are correct. You can see even more photos at Just Jared.