The Otago Daily Times reports that Queenstown, New Zealand may be preparing itself for Hollywood fever as filming for Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine nears, but one group of Queenstown residents has been left high and, quite literally, dry, with the production studio renting the Queenstown Fun Centre.

The newspaper has learned that the ice was taken off the rink recently and the surface will remain dry possibly until March, as the Fun Centre may be earning as much as $4000 a week for the rental. While it may be an excellent business decision, Queenstown's ice hockey players and management are miffed at the call.

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Ice Blacks hockey manager Charlie Reid, of Queenstown, said he was told before Christmas the ice would be taken off for up to three months. There are 10 Queenstown ice hockey players due to head into their final training camp in Auckland at the end of this month, vying for selection in the New Zealand ice hockey team to compete in the division 2 World Championships in Australia in April.

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