James Mangold made one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies of all time with Logan, which also served as the swan song for one of the most iconic actor/character pairings of all time, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. In a recent interview, Mangold revealed that he is fine with Jackman strapping on the claws again for a new film, so long as the project is more than an empty cash-grab.

"I'd be startled that Hugh was strapping it on again. The thing that I always want to know when I hear this is obviously, on the web, everyone trades in rumors. So, the nugget or the headline becomes the clickbait in the trade so that it would be, 'Downey's back,' or 'Jackman's back,' would be the headline, which people would then debate."
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What I'd be curious about if any one of these things happened would be, what are they doing with it? Meaning, I would have no qualm about it if someone had a good idea. If it's basically, 'I ran out of money and I needed a big paycheck, and I'm doing an empty film that cheapens the quality of the previous.' Well, that would be its own sadness."

Hugh Jackman has been inundated with offers to return to his most famous role for years but has steadfastly maintained that his tenure as the clawed mutant is over. For both Jackman and Mangold, Logan was a fitting farewell for their version of Wolverine, and according to James Mangold, bringing back their version of the character would be a case of 'too much of a good thing'.

"The reality is that, if you have a good idea for a character, then there's nothing wrong with doing anything. I don't make these rules. For me, I'm always just asking that someone do something imaginative that doesn't just seem like you're taking all these assets and throwing them on a screen again, just to make dough."
"That seems to me to be, or to satiate a kind of hunger people have to see more, when the hunger they have to see more is what a movie is supposed to leave you with. Meaning that you're supposed to love the characters and that just like a good meal, there is such a thing as too much. Just because it tastes good, if I keep filling your plate, at some point you're going to be like that guy in the restaurant in the Monty Python movie. There's just a limit."

While fans will no doubt continue to clamor to see Jackman once again play Wolverine, it sounds unlikely that Mangold will be attached to such a project, should it ever see the light of day. Jackman also seems to have made his peace with saying goodbye to Logan. In such a case, the MCU, which now owns the character, would do well to heed the filmmaker's advice and come up with a new take on the character that adds a new dimension to Wolverine's story rather than thinking in terms of a fan-service cash-grab. ComicBook.com was the first to report this news.