Somehow, after decades and decades of creating storylines using the same superheroes, Marvel Comics can still sneak up and surprise us all. That is what they managed to do today, with what appears to be a tease of something very big happening in the near future. Directly from Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief, we now have a new look at what seems to be a hybrid creation, fusing Hulk and Wolverine together in one body.

Axel Alonso took to his personal Twitter account to reveal the new image, which features a Hulk-like figure in a tank labeled "Batch-H" with a couple of seedy looking scientists standing around. What is most important to note is that there are very noticeable Wolverine style claws protruding from the hands of this insane hybrid that will almost certainly wind up being a very bad idea. The photo was simply captioned somewhat ominously with, "under construction."

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Potential spoilers for those who haven't been keeping up to date with more recent Marvel Comics happenings, but this could be a pretty unique way for the publisher to resurrect two of their most popular characters. Wolverine has been dead since the end of 2014's Death of Wolverine series and somewhat surprisingly, Marvel has actually left him that way. X-23 has taken over for him in the time since. As for Hulk, Bruce Banner also died, which led to the conflict in Civil War II after Hawkeye killed him. So for a little while now, both characters have been dead.

One thing comic book readers know, especially those who read anything from Marvel or DC, is that major characters rarely stay dead. It is honestly amazing that Wolverine has stayed dead for as long as he has. So the idea of resurrecting Banner and Logan and some point, somehow seemed inevitable, but the thought that Marvel would do so by putting them both in the same body probably didn't cross anyone's minds. This image definitely raises a lot of questions. Is this hybrid monster going to be an experiment meant for good gone wrong? Is it Hydra creating a dangerous, genetically altered weapon? It is nearly impossible to say at this point, but anytime Wolverine and Hulk cross paths in the comics, it is nothing if not exciting. So Marvel fans could be in for a pretty cool storyline here in the near future.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time that a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid has shown up in Marvel Comics. In the Secret Wars: Civil War series back in 2015, a gray Hulk who turned out to be Logan that was able to deploy his adamantium claws at Captain America's command did show up, but this appears to be something entirely different. It seems like Marvel may be building to something big here, so be on the lookout for a giant green rage monster with virtually indestructible metal claws. Be sure to check out the Hulk/Wolverine hybrid image for yourself below.

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