Marvel Comics writer Mark Millar has a penchant for predicting the future, and now, the Nostradamus of comic books is at it again by predicting Taron Egerton will be the next live-action Wolverine. Millar is well-known to comic book readers, with some of his work including Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Civil War, and Ultimate Fantastic Four. Recently, while reading through a 2002 issue of Marvel Unlimited, one fan noticed Millar seemingly predict the future twice in one panel and tweeted the image. Millar retweeted the picture, offering a new bold prediction along with it. "Always remember I'm never wrong. PS Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine," the writer states.

In the 2002 comic, Nick Fury is depicted, although this is clearly modeled after Samuel L. Jackson's take on the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character also specifically name-drops Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. in a line of dialogue as well. Now, fast forward about six years to 2008, and things get a bit eerie in retrospect. Not only did Downey first appear as Tony Stark in the first MCU movie that year, but Jackson also made his debut as Nick Fury in Iron Man as well, looking exactly as he did in the Mark Millar 2002 comic book.

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Millar knows Taron Egerton all too well, based on the actor's acclaimed performance in the Kingsman movies. Marvel fans will know Egerton stars in the appreciated role of Gary "Eggsy" Unwin in the 2014 movie and its 2017 sequel. Since then, the actor has found even more success in Hollywood, recently appearing in the lead role of director Dexter Fletcher's Rocketman movie. A biopic of famed singer Elton John, Egerton shines as the Rocketman himself, and even if he doesn't become Wolverine, we'll likely be seeing much more of Egerton on the big screen regardless.

Previously, it was reported Egerton was one of the names in consideration at Marvel to play the next Wolverine when the X-Men finally show up in the MCU. For the most part, the idea was met with very positive reception from fans. Comic readers were quick to point out how Egerton's physical stature is closer to the comic version of Wolverine, even more so than Hugh Jackman. The rumor brought about so much chatter that Egerton was even asked about it, and while he says he'd accept the part, he doesn't seem confident about his chances. "I don't know if I'm quite grisly enough," Egerton said. "I mean if the people at Marvel think I am, then great, let's go. But I think there are probably better candidates."

It's likely going to be years before we see the X-Men back on the big screen, so chances are, we won't know for a while who our next Logan officially will be. In the meantime, you can catch Egerton in the upcoming Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. You can take a look at Millar's Wolverine prediction below, courtesy of Mark Millar on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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