Both Hugh Jackman and Mark Ruffalo ascended new heights of stardom after portraying Marvel superheroes Wolverine and the Hulk. Now, Jackman and Ruffalo are going head-to-head in the category of Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for their latest projects, HBO's Bad Education and I Know This Much is True, respectively. Jackman added a Marvel touch to their Emmy rivalry by confidently stating that Wolverine would best Hulk in a fight.

"I'm trying to reach out to [Mark Ruffalo] but he's not taking my calls so I guess I'm somehow laying the track for another feud here. Which thank goodness we are not in the same room together.... I'm laughing because Mark's a very good friend of mine and I actually haven't spoken to him about it. He's absolutely astonishing in the show. I mean I think he is one of the best actors, certainly of our generation...".
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"But Wolverine would beat him for sure let's just be very clear.... I don't know if you know this but The Wolverine actually appeared first in a Hulk comic. He was like a last page, some guy coming so it was The Hulk series he appeared so that's sort of where that feud came from and then Wolverine sort of took on this whole life so I'm sure The Hulk is very jealous."

It is true that Wolverine made his comic book debut in 1974's The Incredible Hulk #180, where the clawed mutant was tasked with bringing down the green behemoth. That meeting was later adapted into an animated film where Wolverine sets out to stop the Hulk's rampage.

Aside from debating who would win a fight, fans would love to see Jackman and Ruffalo in a Hulk/Wolverine crossover film. Ruffalo himself has repeatedly expressed interest in making a movie with Hugh Jackman, now that Disney owns the rights to both the X-Men and Avengers.

Unfortunately, Jackman has stayed true to his word that Logan would be his last onscreen appearance as Wolverine. When the clawed mutant does finally make his MCU debut, it will most likely be with a new actor playing the part, and the character will be too busy taking care of X-Men business to worry about Hulk.

The green giant also has come a long way from his rampaging days. The latest cinematic version of the character combines Bruce Banner and Hulk to create a new superhero who has immense strength and a genius-level intellect so that there is no need for any superhero to go after him and bring him down.

For now, the only showdown that fans will be able to witness is the one that will take place during the Emmys, where Ruffalo is unlikely to turn into his giant green alter ego, and Jackman is unlikely to sprout claws. Considering the two actors are friends in real life, there is also unlikely to be any bad blood, no matter who wins the award. This first appeared at

Neeraj Chand