Marvel Comics' Wolverine is a character that needs absolutely no introduction. The creation of Len Wein, Roy Thomas and John Romita Snr, Wolverine (aka James "Logan" Howlett) first made a brief cameo appearance in 1974's Incredible Hulk #180, before debuting fully in the following issue #181. And from the start, fans knew he was almost indestructible due to his mutant healing factor and Adamantium skeleton. His powers would have one assume that it would be impossible for Logan to get drunk. But he can, has and does do that in past comics. Now, a new DC Comic, of all things, may have explained why Wolverine can fly 6 sheets to the wind.

Wolverine's debut was against none other than the titular lead of the Incredible Hulk book, ol' Jade Jaws himself. This was the start of a storied rivalry that even bled over into Marvel Comics' parallel Ultimate Universe, where the Ultimate iterations of Hulk and Wolverine engaged in a drawn out and violent confrontation - resulting in Wolverine being torn in half (see Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk - penned by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof). Wolverine has very quickly become a character every bit as recognisable as any of Marvel's tentpole characters, indeed before the rise of the MCU, or even the great superhero movie renaissance of the late '90s.

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Wolverine and his fellow X-Men were easily Marvel's biggest selling property. It's almost hard to conceive such a reality, given that the Avengers have very much captured the zeitgeist, thanks to their box-office returns. Also needing no introduction is Wolverine's remarkable healing factor. Shoot him, stab him, burn him, dismember or even kill him; Logan always finds a way to come back for more.

What has been less clear is how Logan's freakish biology reacts to alcohol. While he has been shown across multiple media enjoying a few cold ones (his famous f-bomb scene in X-Men: First Class springs immediately to mind), there seems to be some genuine confusion, at least within the pages of Marvel Comics, as to whether or not Wolverine can actually get drunk.

In 2010's Wolverine #900 (written by David Finch), Logan himself claimed that when it comes to alcohol, his healing factor processes it out every bit as quickly as he can consume it. Under this reasoning, it would be hypothetically possible to get Wolverine drunk for a very short amount of time, with a gargantuan (and definitely not recommended in the real world, folks) hit of very high-proof booze.

However, this is not where the story ends. In the 2005 Brian Michael Bendis-penned miniseries Secret Wars (not to be confused with 1984's Jim Shooter's same titled series, or 2015's Jonathan Hickman epic), Wolverine is shown on an airplane, clearly inebriated, with his fellow crew of Avengers and assembled buddies more concerned how Logan is able to board a plane with a body full of adamantium (the indestructible Marvel metal), rather than the fact that Logan is clearly plastered and close to giving away his teammates secret identities.

Action Comics #1030 from DC might offer a different theory on the above.

The issue in question, written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Michael Avon Deming, Taki Soma and Dave Sharpe shows the character Midnighter, heavily imbibing. His partner, Apollo, notices this. Midnighter goes on to explain that while his own healing factor may prevent him from getting drunk, he still enjoys drinking for the placebo effect. So could this be the secret to Wolverine's drinking?

While his healing factor has certainly gone from strength to strength since the character's conception, could Logan too be experiencing nothing more than a placebo buzz from his beer sessions? Perhaps so. One thing's for certain; better a placebo buzz than consuming obscene amounts of booze for a fleeting high! Screen Rant were the first to point this out}.