We already know that Wonder Woman 1984 is firmly planted in that era, but at the time, Superman was just a baby and Bruce Wayne was a teenager just learning the vigilante ropes. Unless the Wonder Woman sequel is bookend by scenes from modern day, it's doubtful that either superhero will play a role in the movie. That hasn't stopped fan-artist extraordinaire BossLogic from imagining what Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent would have looked like back in 1984. Be careful, you may spit your breakfast out from laughing.

Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne looks like he was dialed up from his Good Will Hunting days. He's sporting a stylish Adidas jacket, with a giant gold B medallion hanging off a chain. He's got awesome 80s sideburns and a very cool Batman fanny pack. And he's quenching his thirst with a caffeine-saturated Jolt cola.

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Henry Cavill's Clark Kent didn't get through the decade well. Gone is the spit curl and glasses. Instead, Clark is sporting a Mission: Impossible style mustache and the wickedest mullet earth has ever seen. He's also wearing a god awful purple polo shirt. He certainly is a sight to behold.

BossLogic didn't forget the rest of the Justice League. Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, is seen sporting a Kid 'N Play do, traditional 3D glasses and a thick gold Transformers chain. Aquaman is seen as a teen in cali board shorts, wielding his surfboard. He wears giant great white shark teeth around his neck. Truth be told, this looks like an awesome Wonder Woman sequel. Too bad it's all in fun.

Wonder Woman 1984 won't hit theaters until next summer, but director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot have already been plenty generous in sharing images from the set. They've even offered a first look at Kristen Wiig as the villain Cheetah prior to her animalistic transformation. Judging from the photos released thus far, the Wonder Woman team is going to have a lot of fun with the 80s era.

While none of the Justice League is expended to show up in Wonder Woman 1984, there's always room for some fun, cool cameos. And its likely that they'll play up some of the DC characters from the era. The initial plot has not been divulged yet, but the team behind the sequel are already being pretty open about what we can expect.

You can check out BossLogic's very funny character posters for Wonder Woman 1984 here. This looks like the movie that could save the DCEU, too bad its just for laughs.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange