Gal Gadot says that she does not consider Wonder Woman 1984 to be a sequel, and instead thinks of it as a "whole new movie." Gadot appeared alongside director Patty Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine for the Wonder Woman 1984 panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where they debuted the first official footage from the upcoming movie. While there were no spoilers shown, it did have a pretty awesome fight scene which saw Diana Prince protecting a young girl from two armed assailants and then using her lasso.

When discussing Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins commented on the 1980s being the perfect timing for the next installment to take place, as we get to see in the Wonder Woman 1984 Comic-Con footage. This whole idea led to more specific questions about the "sequel," which obviously could not be answered. Chris Pine was asked about his return, but he kept tight-lipped about Steve Trevor's new role in the 1980s. Gal Gadot then chimed in to say that she doesn't believe that the production is a direct sequel to last year's Wonder Woman. Gadot had this to say.

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"It's not a sequel. It's a new chapter. It's a whole new movie."

So, this could be very interesting for Wonder Woman 1984. While Gal Gadot didn't elaborate on her comment, this could very well explain why Steve Trevor is back. The first film took place during the events of World War I and now we're magically in 1984. If the new movie isn't a sequel, then it could mean that all of these characters could show up at different places in the timeline since they would all be really, really old if they were around during World War I by the time that 1984 came around.

However, that theory seems to oversimplify how Chris Pine's Steve Trevor is back. The actor declared that he could not talk about how Trevor is back for Wonder Woman 1984, which means that we could be in for some epic surprises. While some new footage from the upcoming movie was shown, we still have yet to see any official pictures of Kristen Wiig's Cheetah in full costume. We've seen Wiig on the set performing stunts in 1980s clothing, but nothing resembling a Cheetah yet.

After Gal Gadot made her comments about Wonder Woman 1984 not being a sequel, Patty Jenkins took over for a minute. The director stated that she never wants to do more of something "for the wrong reason." Instead, Jenkins conveyed how much that she loves the characters and the world that they inhabit, which has driven her to try and make something as strong as the first film. It seems that Gadot's comments about a sequel were almost directed at the second installment being a cash grab, or only done because the first one was such a massive success. This is more than likely what Jenkins means by saying that she never wants to do "more of anything." Whatever the case may be, it looks like Wonder Woman 1984 is off to a pretty good start. You can read up on more information about the upcoming movie at Warner Bros.