Yes, it's true. Wonder Woman 1984 has become an Oscar hopeful. The DCEU movie has been submitted for consideration for the 93rd Academy Awards by Warner Bros. in every major category, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Ensemble Cast.

The move by Warner to go all-in on Wonder Woman 1984 at the Oscars is surprising, considering that the movie has not exactly been a critical darling, unlike 2017's Wonder Woman. In fact, Wonder Woman 1984 has among the lowest ratings for a DCEU movie on most major review sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

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The movie picks up several decades after the events of Wonder Woman. Princess Diana, played by Gadot, lives in Man's World as an archeologist, while moonlighting as a superhero when the occasion demands. The world is thrown into disarray when media mogul Maxwell Lord comes into possession of the dreamstone, which can grant its users anything they desire.

The rest of the movie shows the world dealing with the effects of everyone's wish being granted, including Diana's wish for her lost love Steve Trevor to return from the dead. By the end of the movie, Diana, and the world collectively realizes that there can be no shortcut to having your wish granted, and everyone relinquishes their wishes together. According to director Patty Jenkins, the message of the movie is the world needs to look beyond violence and brute strength to solve its problems.

"I did a couple of things in this movie that everybody said we couldn't do: Nobody dies, and she wins in the end with a conversation. To me, this was a Trojan horse: I wanted to tick off every box of what you're looking for in a superhero movie, but actually what I'm hopefully pulling off is a subversion where instead you're saying to this younger generation that sees these movies, 'You have to find the hero within.' [The lesson is] we could go bomb any country in the world, and it's not going to stop the clock that's coming at us in about 40 years. That's exactly the point [of the film]."

While the overall message of Wonder Woman 1984 has been applauded, how the movie delivers its message has come in for some criticism, particularly the minor story arc involving Steve inhabiting the body of a stranger without permission to get intimate with Diana. It will be interesting to see how that controversy and Wonder Woman 1984's low critical rating will affect its chances at the Oscars.

Apart from submitting Gadot for Best Actress, Warner has also submitted Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen for Best Supporting Actress; and Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal for Best Supporting Actor. Other For Your Consideration campaigns include Best Cinematography (Matthew Jensen, ASC); Best Film Editing (Richard Pearson, ACE); Best Costume Design (Lindy Hemming); and Best Score (Hans Zimmer).

Directed and co-written by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Natasha Rothwell. The film is now available in theaters and on HBO Max. This news comes from