Earlier this morning, we got a brand new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Now, a new banner for Wonder Woman 1984 has been released. The latest look teases Diana Prince's new armor against a colorful backdrop. DC FanDome has already been delivering the goods today, especially with our most in-depth look at the upcoming sequel thus far. Kristen Wiig's Cheetah has now been fully unveiled after months of speculation and leaks from merchandise and DC fans are ecstatic. The movie was supposed to have already opened in theaters, but the public health crisis delayed it multiple times. As of this writing, Wonder Woman 1984 is on track to open in October.

The October release of Wonder Woman 1984 could very well end up getting delayed too. But, don't expect the sequel to hit VOD or HBO Max ahead of that theatrical release. Director Patty Jenkins said, "We all worked so hard to bring something that would be a big, visual spectacular. So we're going to stick it out - we believe in putting it in the cinema." She went on to say, "I can't wait for the movie to come out soon!" It's worth noting that Jenkins did not mention a firm release date during the DC FanDome panel this morning.

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Wonder Woman 1984 brings back Chris Pine's Steve Trevor back from the dead. At this time, DC fans are wondering just exactly how the character is back after dying in the first installment. When Patty Jenkins announced that production had started, she immediately released an image of Pine on the set to beat the leakers, though it just caused a wave of speculation. With that being said, it is believed that Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord will have something to do with that, though that has yet to be officially confirmed.

Regardless, DC fans are still excited to see what Wonder Woman 1984 has to deliver. The first installment was a huge success at the box office and we've been waiting years to see where Diana Prince is in the 1980s. While we have to wait a little bit longer, the latest trailer proves that Patty Jenkins has doubled down on the action, while introducing two new villains for the big screen. Jenkins and Gal Gadot have also promised that the movie does not feel like a true sequel and have hinted heavily that the movie will stand on its own.

DC FanDome also ushered in another look at Wonder Woman via the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. The director has been teasing the trailer all week and it has finally landed, giving the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement something to celebrate. The original release was not what anyone was expecting, as Snyder had to leave the project before the reshoots started. So now, fans have two new projects to see Diana Prince in, though Justice League won't be out until next year. You can check out the latest Wonder Woman 1984 banner below, thanks to DC FanDome.

Wonder Woman 1984 banner
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