The Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization reveals new details on the mysterious return of Steve Trevor. The long-awaited sequel should have already opened in theaters, but the world had different plans instead. Now, the movie is supposed to open in theaters this fall, though it is uncertain if that will even be able to happen. With that being said, merchandise was already in the pipeline, which means spoilers are on the way. There are SPOILERS for Wonder Woman 1984 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

When production on Wonder Woman 1984 first started, director Patty Jenkins decided to let the cat out of the bag right from the start in order to beat leakers. She released images from the set, which included Chris Pine's Steve Trevor in some 1980s attire. DC fans were puzzled since the character passed away in the first installment and have been speculating about his return for quite some time now. As it turns out, the character was able to return, thanks to something called the Dreamstone.

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Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel and Wonder Woman 1984: Meet Wonder Woman (I Can Read Level 3) both give us some more clues about the Dreamstone. The artifact is a citrine ring that is brought into the Smithsonian, which is how Diana and Barbara stumble upon it. Apparently it was in some seized goods that were smuggled into the United States. According to both books, the Dreamstone has the power to grant one wish and it has the same power of the Gods as Diana's Golden Lasso. Diana and Barbara are unsure of what gods are responsible for the Dreamstone, but it is later revealed to be the God of Lies.

Wonder Woman: 1984 goes on to show that wherever the Dreamstone goes, destruction follows, which means they have to find a way to destroy it. But, in doing so, it could get rid of Steve Trevor too since his return is all based on the stone. It will be interesting to see how Maxwell Lord's part in the story is connected to all of this, though some of the earlier speculation about Trevor's return seems to have been pretty accurate.

Even though we have a ton of new details about Wonder Woman 1984, there is still a lot that we don't know. Patty Jenkins and crew have done a pretty solid job of keeping information hidden, even as the sequel continues to get delayed. For now, we're just going to have to wait and see if Warner Bros. is able to bring the project into theaters this year since there have been reports indicating that movie theaters might not be able to open until the middle of next year. You can head over to Harper Collins to order your own copies of the aforementioned Wonder Woman 1984 books for children.

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