Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to CCXP in a big way, with the event being officialy livestreamed direct from 2019 Comic Con Experience São Paulo. Director Patty Jenkins will be joined by Gal Gadot and other cast members, as they reveal the first-ever trailer for this highly anticipated sequel from DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince in director Patty Jenkins's sequel to the 2017 blockbuster smash hit Wonder Woman. Both were on hand at CCXP today to reveal the first-ever footage from the movie, along with a Q&A for fans of the DC Comics superhero. The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is to be revealed in the livestream direct from the event.

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Wonder Woman 1984 will bring the Amazon Warrior to the 1980s and the height of the Cold War. Wiser and older, working with the human world, Diana is drawn into an all-new adventure that predates her time spent with the Justice League and fighting alongside Batman and Superman. The movie will feature Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, with the sequel bringing this iconic villain to the big screen for the first time. And Pedro Pascal is playing Max Lord. Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor, though who and why has not yet been explained.

Yesterday, we got to see the first Wonder Woman 1984 footage, which showed Diana fighting alongside Steve Trevor. She knocks bullets out of the air with her braclets, swingings her iconic lasso, and even rides lightning, as we've seen her do in the comics. Earlier in the week we also go a first look at Kristen Wiig as Cheetah from the CCXP showroom floor as she showed up on a coffee mug.

You can tune into the official Wonder Woman Facebook for more informaton about the upcoming movie. It will be in theaters June 5, 2020. This will be DC Comics big superhero release next year. It was originally supposed to arrive in November of this month, but Warner Bros. decided it would be better to go with a later date. Be sure to check back for the full trailer reveal later today.