Production is gearing up to start on Wonder Woman 2 and it appears that Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have already been spotted on location in Alexandria, Virginia, according to local reports. Director Patty Jenkins was asked when the cameras were going to start to role for the highly anticipated sequel a few weeks ago and said that filming was going to start "shockingly soon." While Jenkins didn't offer up an exact date, it had previously been rumored that production on Wonder Woman 2 would begin in early June, which puts the project right on schedule.

Some leaked pictures and video from the set of Wonder Woman 2 reportedly show Chris Pine arriving on set. The key word here is "reportedly," because the pictures and video are taken from pretty far away to where you can't make out if it's actually Pine or not. If the sound is up while watching the video, you can hear a woman repeat that it's Chris Pine and that Gal Gadot was seen in the same place the day before.

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Wonder Woman 2 is reportedly set to film at a mall in Alexandria, Virginia, which is where Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were sighted. The sequel will take place in the 1980s and the mall set could be a reference to the Rebirth comic series with Diana and Cheetah. However, Pine's Steve Trevor was alive and well in that series, so that makes things a little confusing. It will be interesting to see how Patty Jenkins and crew decided to bring Trevor back since he died in the 1940s. If it turns out that the character survived, Chris Pine will more than likely be playing an older version of Steve Trevor.

Another theory is that Chris Pine could be playing a relative of Steve Trevor or even that he will be filmed for flashback sequences. The DCEU and Warner Bros. are keeping a tight lid on Wonder Woman 2, and rightfully so. The first Wonder Woman movie is the DCEU's most critically acclaimed and financially successful film at the box office, so the secrecy surrounding Wonder Woman 2 is perfectly understandable. Patty Jenkins has a lot to live up to this time around after the monster success of the first installment.

While it's impossible to tell if the man wearing the white shirt in the distant Wonder Woman 2 set video is Chris Pine, it should be noted that the picture has since been deleted from social media. The fact that it was deleted could be because Warner Bros. requested that the post get taken down to avoid spoilers from leaking about the movie. And again, while you can't even really make out that it is for sure Pine, the woman in the video seems to be pretty certain that it is. You can see the pictures and video below, thanks to the Wonder Woman HQ Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick