Wonder Woman was always expected to do well, but the degree to which the movie has succeeded is truly historic and is something that every studio in Hollywood is going to be forced to look at and study. Much of that is owed to director Patty Jenkins and that means Warner Bros. wants her to stick around for Wonder Woman 2. However, they only signed her to a one-picture-deal and that means, they are going to have to pay up. Jenkins and the studio are now very close to closing a deal for her to helm Wonder Woman 2 and it is going to be a landmark deal in Hollywood history.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins have not yet closed the deal, but they are close to getting it done. So why the hold up? Apparently, she held out for a better deal and wasn't just going to take their initial offer. As such, she is set to make the most money a female director has ever made for directing a movie and it will be on par with what her male counterparts make for similar, tentpole comic book franchise movies. Wonder Woman 2 is going to make Patty Jenkins flush with cash.

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While no figure was given, here is how Deadline broke down what kind of money she can expect to make. According to their sources, a new director working on a comic book movie gets between $1.5 million and $3 million. By contrast, a director like Zack Snyder received $10M for directing Man of Steel. As they explain, that's usually paid out as 20 percent during pre-production, 60 percent during the actual production and 10 percent during post, with the final 10 percent after the movie is done.

So Patty Jenkins should be making Zack Snyder money for Wonder Woman 2. She's earned it, but that is very important for the industry moving forward. As the push continues for female directors to get more opportunities in Hollywood, there is also going to be a need to for their deals to be on par with what male directors make for similar projects. Once Patty Jenkins closes her deal for Wonder Woman 2, there will be an example for others to point to and should help others be able to negotiate better deals for themselves. It might have been easy for a director to just take the surely large amount of money that was initially offered, but Jenkins standing her ground is going to have an impact far beyond her pocketbook in the future.

As it stands, Wonder Woman is just inches shy of $800 million at the worldwide box office. The only movie that has made more domestically this year is Disney's Beauty and the Beast. That is undeniably impressive. Not to mention the overwhelming critical praise and potential awards season love that the movie may receive. So, even though Warner Bros. is going to have to shell out to keep Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman 2, it is going to be money well spent. Wonder Woman 2 will arrive in theaters on December 13, 2019, an announcement that was made at Comic-Con this past July.