Gal Gadot officially signed to return for Wonder Woman 2 a few months ago, a sequel to the highest grossing movie of the summer. Now it has been reported that director Patty Jenkins has officially signed on as well. Wonder Woman has grossed an astounding $813 million dollars at the box office thus far and it was just automatically assumed that Jenkins would return with Gadot, even though she had only signed on for one movie. Now the news is official. Gadot and Jenkins are expected to earn a lot more money this time around, but no details have been revealed about salaries yet, though sources close to the project claim that Jenkins will be the highest paid female director in history.

Zack Snyder confirmed that a sequel was in the works and that he and Patty Jenkins had already started writing the screenplay, which would put Diana Prince in modern times, but even at that time, Jenkins was not officially attached to the movie. Gal Gadot is said to have had an option for Wonder Woman 2 within her multi-picture deal with Warner Bros., but Jenkins was only signed on for one movie, which is a typical Warner Bros. contract for first-time tent pole directors. Since Wonder Woman went on to obliterate all commercial expectations, it has been assumed that Jenkins and Gadot would be able to command a larger salary this time around after negotiations.

Variety reports that the negotiations have officially ended and that Patty Jenkins is now on board to helm the Wonder Woman sequel. After an unusually lengthy and tough negotiation, the director has closed a deal with Warner Bros. to direct, co-write and produce the sequel to the blockbuster movie of the summer. The sequel is expected to be released on December 13th, 2019 as long as Warner Bros. doesn't announce any standalone origin stories for a young Diana Prince or some other confusing off-shoot.

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The deal is said to make Jenkins the highest-paid female director in history after already breaking records for female firsts with Wonder Woman and that she will earn much more money off of the backend in addition to the record-breaking salary. Sources have said that it was "challenging" to get to the final deal, which should have been a no-brainer after the breakout success and critical acclaim for the movie. Jenkins came on board to replace Michelle McLaren who left the project over creative differences early on in the production.

The new deal will definitely be a lot higher than the $1 million dollars that Patty Jenkins earned for directing Wonder Woman and could possibly see her in the position to direct further movies in the DCEU. This is big news for Hollywood and great time for Patty Jenkins to continue to blaze trails for female directors within the superhero realm. In addition, Jenkins is also developing a TNT TV series with Wonder Woman star Chris Pine, inspired by the autobiography of Fauna Hodel.

Kevin Burwick