The change in release for comic book blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 came as a big surprise. With the movie now due to hit theaters and stream on HBO Max simultaneously, star Gal Gadot has shared a video message in which she declares her eagerness for fans to finally get to see the DC sequel and urges people to see Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters where appropriate.

"Hey guys, I'm so excited the movie is finally coming out, and to be able to share its beautiful message with you guys, with the world, during these crazy times, just means a lot to me. I've been waiting to share this movie with you guys for such a long time. I know the cinemas are doing all they can in order to keep you safe and in order to give you the full movie experience. So, if you have a cinema-safe theatre around you, tickets are available now. So please go get your tickets, watch this movie, watch Wonder Woman 1984 and enjoy a special cinema night. I can't wait to hear what you think."
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The much-anticipated sequel to the 2017 hit, Wonder Woman, finds Gal Gadot once again suiting up as the titular DC icon. Drops the Amazonian superhero in the 1980s, Wonder Woman 1984 finds Diana Prince at the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The sequel finds Diana coming into conflict with not one, but two formidable foes in the form of Ann Minerva aka Cheetah and the mysterious media businessman Maxwell Lord. If that was not already enough for her to contend with, Diana will also be reunited with her former love-interest Steve Trevor, who has returned from the dead under mysterious, and possibly nefarious circumstances.

Wonder Woman 1984, which will be HBO Max's first 4K Ultra HD streaming release, is directed by Patty Jenkins from a script she wrote with Geoff Johns and David Callaham and a story by Johns and Jenkins, and once again stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman alongside Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

Both Gadot and director Patty Jenkins responded to the news of the movie's digital release with a mixture of excitement and begrudging acceptance. "IT'S TIME. We've all waited a long time for this one to come," Gadot said in a statement. "I can't tell you how excited I am for all of you to see this movie. It wasn't an easy decision and we never thought we'd have to hold onto the release for such a long time but Covid rocked all of our worlds. We feel the movie has never been so relevant and we hope that it'll bring some joy, hope and love to your hearts. Wonder Woman 1984 is a special one for me and I can only hope it'll be as special to you too. We've put our hearts and souls into it. So, you can watch it IN THEATERS (they're doing an amazing job keeping it safe) and you can watch it on HBOMax from your homes. Sending you my love. Please keep safe and wear a mask. Happy holidays to all of us. Let the light shine in."

Gadot's thoughts echo those of Jenkins, who could not quite hide her disappointment with the decision, "At some point you have to choose to share any love and joy you have to give, over everything else. We love our movie as we love our fans, so we truly hope that our film brings a little bit of joy and reprieve to all of you this holiday season."

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters by Warner Bros. Pictures and digitally on HBO Max for a month in North America on December 25th, 2020. The movie will debut theatrically in international markets that do not have HBO Max on December 16, 2020. It has also been revealed that the movie will be the first to stream in 4K Ultra HD on HBO Max, in addition to supporting HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This comes to us courtesy of Gal Gadot's official Instagram account.