Entering its fourth weekend in theaters, Wonder Woman is still firing on all cylinders, earning $275 million domestically and $573.4 million worldwide, from a $149 million budget. Unsurprisingly, a Wonder Woman sequel is already in the works, with a new report claiming that star Gal Gadot is seeking a sizable pay increase for the sequel. While this report has yet to be confirmed, the actress is seeking a "major re-negotiation" of her Warner Bros.' DCEU contract, a strategy that has become commonplace among lesser-known actors after a major success.

TMZ reports that Gal Gadot earned a base salary of $300,000 for each movie under her original three-picture deal with Warner Bros., which includes last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and the upcoming Justice League. While that figure doesn't seem like much compared to some other stars' salaries, the actress will be walking away with much more than just her base salary. This report also reveals that Gal Gadot's contract includes some "huge performance bonuses," which are tied to the overall Wonder Woman box office performance, meaning the actress will get a sizable payday from this first Wonder Woman movie as well.

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With her three-picture deal now up, and the demand for a Wonder Woman sequel certainly high, it wouldn't be surprising if Gal Gadot gets a monstrous raise for this superhero follow-up. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently teased that the Wonder Woman 2 story would be set in present-day America, after the original movie was set on Diana Prince's mythical homeland of Themyscira, and in London during World War I. The movie was bookended by two scenes of Diana in present day, with Diana continuing her work as an antiquities dealer, before we see her get back in action in Justice League.

While this new report doesn't mention director Patty Jenkins, we reported earlier this month that the director and her reps would start negotiating her deal for the sequel, that could reportedly see her returning to direct but also helping to develop the sequel with DC Films president Geoff Johns, and other films in the DCEU. While it isn't clear when these negotiations will begin, the director and her reps are said to have "enormous leverage," following the success of Wonder Woman, which was written by Allan Heinberg, based on a story he worked on with both Geoff Johns and producer Zack Snyder. Still, while a sequel will certainly come together, it may not happen right away.

During a red carpet appearance for Wonder Woman in China, Zack Snyder confirmed that the sequel is happening, although his wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder added that Batgirl will be the next female superhero movie. Joss Whedon has already come aboard to write and direct the Batgirl movie, although the studio hasn't released a production schedule or release date at this time for Batgirl or for Wonder Woman 2. Regardless, the sequel will happen eventually, especially given how successful Wonder Woman has become from a critical and financial standpoint.